How To Change A Tire

Having some basic knowledge of your car can keep you out of trouble while on the road. And with more and more people spending time in their vehicles, being familiar with how to change your tire is an essential part of automobile know-how.

In this episode of D-I-Why Not? supported by Leatherman, our friends Rachel, James and their little yellow bus walk us through the simple steps of putting on your spare in hopes of preventing any wasted time waiting for a little roadside help.


  1. Scout a level and secure spot, away from traffic, to do the dirty work.
  2. Make sure your car is in Park and the Emergency Break is engaged. For your safety, also flip on your hazard lights.
  3. Block the tires with chocks if you got ‘em. Any heavy item will do.
  4. Situate your jack directly below the jack points of your car. These are usually located directly behind the front tire or directly in front of the back tire and are always metal points. Do NOT use any place that is plastic.
  5. Use the jack to support the car. Do not lift it up quite yet.
  6. Loosen lug nuts, turning counterclockwise. This will require a tool that allows a lot of torque; a cross wrench is best. Do not remove the nuts yet.
  7. Now lift your car off the ground just enough to get a tire off and on.
  8. Finish removing the lug nuts, making sure to store them in a safe spot, where they won’t get lost.
  9. Remove the damaged tire.
  10. Place your spare on the empty bolts.
  11. Hand tighten the lug nuts as best your can by hand, making sure to keep the spare tire flush with the tire hub.
  12. Lower the car back down to the supporting level at which it previously sat.
  13. Use the wrench-and your body weight- to tighten those lug nuts on the best you can. Push down on your cross wrench.
  14. Now lower the jack so the car is back on the ground.
  15. Remove the jack from under the car.
  16. Do one last tightening round on the nuts.
  17. Store your spare in its appropriate place.
  18. Visit a tire shop as soon as you can to either patch or replace your spare.
Camera/Edit James Campbell
Music "Raton Pass" by Jason Bennett