How to Make a Van Hammock

Sam Larson spends a lot of time in his van. So he decided to create a comfortable way to relax while on the road by adding a removable hammock inside his ride. In this episode of D-I-Y Not?, you too can learn how to retrofit your vehicle with a cozy place to chill.

Do you have any customizations or DIY projects that you have done lately? Share them with us in the comments or email!


  • Hammock
  • Climbing carabiners
  • Anchors
  • Self-tapping, heavy duty sheet metal screws and fasteners
  • Safety glasses
  • Impact driver
  • #2 phillips head bit
  • Drill + 1/8 drill bit


  1. Put hammock at an angle to give yourself clearance
  2. Drill hole for anchor (make sure it is through reinforced metal)
  3. Drill in screws
  4. Attach carabiner and hammock on one end.
  5. Plan to have as high as you can and mark second anchor.
  6. Drill hole and then drill in screw
  7. Attached second carabiner
  8. Enjoy!
Host Sam Larson
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Edit Chris Olivas
Music "The Coaster" by Jay Reilly