How To Start A Fire

From staying warm, cooking food or even just to hang out and enjoy company, building a campfire is an essential part of any outdoor adventure. No need to be fumbling into the darkness trying to get one going anymore because in this episode of D-I-Why Not? in collaboration with Leatherman, we share some simple tips into building your own fire…with only one match.


  1. Check with local authorities on open-air burning restrictions and follow local burning regulations. Keep up-to-date on fire bans in the area. Get permits where needed.
  2. Build campfires in fire pits provided or on bare rock or sand, if no fire pit is provided. Maintain a good amount of clearance around your fire (6-10 feet minimum). Contain fire by making a circle of rocks.
  3. Gather your wood. Be sure to collect: tinder, kindling and fuel. Make sure it is dry.
  4. Create a teepee, starting with the tinder, then adding kindling and fuel on top.
  5. Light the tinder with your match. Blow on the fire with long sustained breaths at the base of the fire to get it going.
  6. Never leave your campfire unattended and always put your extra wood upwind.
  7. Allow all the wood to burn to ash, if possible. To extinguish, pour water over the fire until the hissing stops. If you don’t have water, use sand/dirt and mix it in with the ambers. Don’t bury the fire, the ambers will continue to burn underneath.
  8. And as always, pack it in and pack it out. Don’t leave anything behind.

Make Smokey Bear proud! Be smart, play by the rules and stay safe.

Camera Rachel Goldfarb
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