Oil Change

Here at Korduroy, we’ve been itching to add a series that encompasses all sorts of practical how-to’s outside of our surfing roots. Behold the birth of “D-I-Why Not?” a series about cool stuff you can tackle yourself.

In the first episode, we look at oil changing because it’s easy, saves money and is the first step towards learning how to care for your mechanical steed.

While old VW buses are generally easier to work on, changing your oil is pretty basic on almost all automobiles. The only obstruction you may find on a more recent car is an “aerodynamic” sheet of metal or plastic under the engine protecting it from the weather. However they are made to be removed and are usually held on by just a few bolts.

Before giving it a go, be sure to check your car’s manual for the oil type and weight as well as size of its drain plug which will help you determine the size of wrench you will need. Your local auto parts store will likely help you look up your car and give you the proper filter.

Camera/Edit Rachel Goldfarb & James Campbell
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Music "Flat Broke by Al Foul