Run Your Car on Veggie Oil

James Nestor could easily be in the running for the real “Most Interesting Man in the World”. Aside from his staples of writing and surfing near his home in San Francisco, James can be found freediving for abalone or flying to some exotic land to research ancient traditions of getting high.

James is also interested in efficient and cheap options for transportation. He converted his ’77 Mercedes 300D to run on waste vegetable oil, which he gets for free from local restaurants around his home in San Francisco. In this episode of D-I-Why Not?, Mr. Nestor shows us basics behind his setup which allows him to drive for free.

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And for more information on vegetable conversions for your vehicle, here’s a couple resources that may be handy:

Great Forum On the Topic

Conversion Basics

Collecting Waste Oil

Camera Cyrus Sutton & James Campbell
Edit Gage Hingeley
Producer Cyrus Sutton