Ford Archbold

“What impresses me most about Ford is when he surfs is the speed and velocity he travels at. Fords favorite all time favorite surfer is Ozzie, so Ford kinda surfs like Ozzie, recklessly controlled.”

“How cool is Ford? I’ve never seen him in a contest, he hates Lowers, and isn’t really known as a big wave dude. He’s just one of a kind, like a orchid or something. When he surfs you see this unusual blond hair – or pink or blue hair – this lengthy body with a wide stance. Sometimes almost like stinkbuggish in waist high crap. But when it gets overhead and you get to the nuts n bolts of what he is doing, it’s truly fun to watch. And his style is so sweet, in all conditions. I recently saw footage of his Dad, and he surfed identical to Ford. Even he is rubbing off a bit on the legend.”

“I have also seen Ford blow up a bunch of spots just like totally outta nowhere, like “Whoa, Ford is going nuts!” Fast hacks, sick sick sick layback turns, kinda half way down the face. He rides the barrel so sick pulling into closeouts and really late takeoffs, Ford chases the wave and Alex Knost and I are like his biggest fans. He is like the little brother, I never had. Just so damn likable outta the water. Ford’s weakness is Lowers. He goes out and its like kryptonite, done, where’s Ford? Then he paddles out at Uppers or any other spot and is the best guy out, just lapping people.” – Jack Coleman

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Director Jack Coleman