Born in a Jewish family, Jordan Richter found skateboarding during a difficult childhood. After rising to fame in the skate world, he converted to Islam and stopped skating professionally during this introspective period. Now years later, he’s attempting to regain his place in skating through practice and hustle. Jordan recently went on a 40 day straight fast where he drank nothing but straight water and a concoction of water, lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup when he was hungry to raise his awareness of his food intake.

In this episode of Health Nuts, we look at the Master Cleanse and fasting as a whole as a way of giving your body a break from digesting processed foods. While we at Korduroy do not personally endorse the Master Cleanse due to its high sugar content and lack of nutrients, we feel that the lessons Jordan learned on his journey are ones that transcend the type of fast he chose and exemplify living a conscious life.

Host Jordan Richter
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera Cyrus Sutton & James Campbell
Edit Chris Olivas & James Campbell
Music "Lo-Fi or Die" by Adam Weatherford