Homemade Hummus

With all of the holiday parties coming up, homemade hummus makes a great addition to your Bohemian Yuletide cheer. Check out this episode of Korduroy’s Health Nuts to find out how to make your own from scratch.


2 cups of uncooked Garbanzo Beans
½ cup of Olive Oil
¼ cup of sesame tahini
2 teaspoons of Sea Salt
½ head of garlic
2 lemons


1. In a large pot place 2 cups of rinsed garbanzo beans. Fill the pot up two inches above the beans. Bring this pot to a simmer for 4 minutes then turn off the heat and let it sit for 1 hour. Next, drain and rinse the beans (this helps leach out a lot of the indigestible sugars).
2. Return the washed beans to the pot and add fresh cold water in the same manner as before; 2 inches above the level of the beans. Then simmer the beans for about 4 hours (or until very tender). Note: make sure to add water along the way to keep the beans covered. (Make sure to drain and rinse the beans again after the second simmering process)
3. Prepare the rest of the ingredients while the beans are simmering.  Start by cutting and juicing 2 lemons. Next, prepare ½ a head of garlic (peeled and cleaned up). After, begin to add these things to a food processor*: juiced lemons, garlic, fully cooked (tender) garbanzo beans, approximately ¼ cup of sesame tahini.
4. While the beans and previous ingredients are being processed- stop every once in a while and add 2 teaspoons of sea salt, and slowly add ½ cup of olive oil to the mix. You will probably have to stop and use a spatula to help in the mixing process. We want a consistent smooth texture to the hummus! Add a little cracked pepper to taste and mix in.  Note: Less salt = bland hummus… but, add the salt in increments and taste as you go along.
5. Serve the hummus with a garnish of olive oil (and olives if you got it… the list is practically endless)
6. This recipe yields approximately 32 oz. (or about 4 of the standard deli containers that supermarket hummus comes in)

* a blender is a practical alternative to the food processor in a pinch.

This recipe is really just a starting point for the infinite variations of hummus possible (just look at the hummus sellers at any farmer’s market). Feel free to share your own variations! Yew!