Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In this episode of Health Nuts we learn how to cut down on producing waste, in order to reduce the amount of things going into the landfill. Each individual in the United States produces eight pounds of waste each day and with just five easy steps we can change this!

Step 1: Get rid of all your trash cans. We place trashcans all over our house, so when we throw things away we don’t even think about it. Making trashcans less accessible will make us think about what we are throwing away before we carelessly dump it in a waste bin.

Step 2: Go to the website of your local trash company. This will show you what you can and can not recycle. Some common recyclable products will include glass, tin, plastic, cardboard, and paper. Familiarizing yourself with these products is a great step in the right direction.

Step 3: Now that you know what you can recycle, be mindful while shopping and buy recyclable products. If you are unsure whether a certain product is recyclable just look for three arrows forming a triangle and the number inside of it. This number will tell you what type of plastic the container/packaging is made of.

Step 4: Start composting! Composting bins are not difficult to find and although this may be an extra hassle, it’s worth it. The majority of our trash comes from food and composting is the perfect way to reduce our waste going into the landfills.

Step 5: Begin to reuse the things you buy or buy reused products. For instance, canning food is an excellent way to reuse the excess food you may buy. Also, going to thrift shops and buying reused clothes is a great idea.

If there is anything you can take away from this episode it is to buy less, but buy the right things and to set a goal for yourself to produce zero waste. With these five steps and Steven Mandzik’s helpful advice you will surely be on your way!

Host Steven Mandzik
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera/Edit James Campbell
Music "Taste of Friends" by David Ely