Salsa Flax Snax

In this episode of Health Nuts  we learn how to make Zach Keenan’s Salsa Flax Snacks which are a thicker cracker-like version of Flax Chips. They are easy to make with the help of a dehydrator and some parchment paper and flax-based crackers and chips are good wheat, corn, gluten and yeast free alternatives that are also rich in Essential Fatty Acids.

Regardless of your seed choice, make sure to have at least 1/3 or them be flax or chia. These seeds form a gelatinous and gooey coating when soaked which binds the chip together once dried.

The water ratio is not defined in this tutorial because it depends on the amount of flax in your recipe and your addition of flavors. The more flax, the more water because flax really tends to soak up a lot. When in doubt use more water and simply pour off what isn’t aiding in coagulation. If the recipe is too soggy, then add a little more flax for a couple more hours and you’ll get a nice thick and gooey mix ready for spreading.

Camera/Edit Reis Paluso
Host Zachary Keenan