Sunburn Basics

In our opinion there’s no better spokesperson for sunburn prevention and treatment than a fair-skinned surfer living in the tropics. Zach Keenan splits his year between Indonesia and Hawaii, searching out some of the best waves on the planet. He hardly ever gets burnt despite spending countless hours in intense sunlight daily. On his last trip to California we caught up with Zach to learn his secrets.

While Zach’s views might be a bit controversial and go against some of Western medicine’s view of melanoma and skin cancer prevention, it’s worth sharing as an alternative take on a global pandemic. Whether or not you fully subscribe to Zach’s views, everyone should consider the foods they eat as part of their arsenal against sun damage and invest in natural sunblocks that contain only a mixture of natural oils and oxidized metal powder.

Camera/Edit James Campbell
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Music "Across The Board Again" by Connie Price
Additional Footage Logan "Beek" Carr & Justis St. John
POV Camera Footage Zach Keenan