Bird Huffman

For those who know him, Bird Huffman has become synonymous with surf culture and the surfboard in San Diego. Growing up on the beaches of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Sunset Cliffs, Bird’s knowledge and connections to the legends in the southern San Diego area like Skip Frye, Steve Lis, Bill Caster, and more are undeniable.

He has also amassed one of the most incredible collections of surfboards, which hang from the rafters at his surf shop “Bird’s Surf Shed.” Each board has it’s own unique story behind it, which Bird will happily share with you as you stare in awe at the various pieces of our sport’s history.

Also, as host of FM94/9’s Authentic Surf Report, you may recognize Bird’s voice as he shares what he feels is a surf report similar to what one of your buddies would share with you, rather than an embellished, over-promising report that we so often receive from various other surf reports.

In this episode of Innerviews, Bird candidly shares what it was like growing up in southern San Diego, and how he views the state of surfing right now.

Camera/Edit James Campbell
Music "Redheaded Girl" by Tijuana Panthers