Clay Webb and Dave Cooke

In the summer of 2010 these two Canadians rode their bikes 1200 miles from Vancouver Island in Canada to Tijuana, Mexico. They hauled trailers with surfboards, food and minimal camping gear as they searched for waves and good times. Check out this episode of InnerViews on for more… 

Here’s a little backstory according to Dave..

“I was born in Ottawa, Ontario and moved to Victoria with my family when I was 10. Clay was born here and has lived here all his life. I first surfed in Tofino when I was 14. I have been skateboarding since I was 10 so I obviously wanted to try surfing. Clay started surfing the same. We live at least 1.5 hours from surf on southern Vancouver island so we never really became surfers until high school when we got our licenses. Clay started getting into it before I did but eventually I got a board and a wetsuit and we started surfing as much as possible. Clay is just finishing at the University of Victoria and I have a degree from a local college here in Victoria. Over the last few years Clay and I have been surfing a lot. In the fall of 2009 I was living on the east coast of Canada after cycling across Canada.I was living with family, working, and planning some sort of trip for the summer. I kept in touch with Clay and was exchanging possible surf trips we could do but nothing really caught our eye until clay called me up with the idea of cycling the US coast with surfboards. My answer was a simple “yes” and that was it.”