Yuta Sezutsu

Not many people are aware of the lasting devastation and precarious state of Japan’s Fukashima Nuclear Plant because the country’s officials have been tight-lipped since last year’s devastating tsunami. Japanese surfers are often left wondering if the act of surfing is causing them to irreversible harm.

Residing in the surf town Kamakura, Japan near Tokyo, Yuta Sezutsu is perhaps Japan’s best longboarder for his age. Quietly sliding down points and reefs around the world, Yuta has made a name for himself in the international longboard community and possesses one the most refined longboard styles we’ve ever seen. In this episode of Inner-Views presented by VSTR, Yuta talks to us about living with radiation and the changing state of Japanese surf culture.

Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera/Edit Cyrus Sutton & James Campbell
Still Photos Pero
Music "She Likes Motorcycle" by Gabby & Lopez