Ed Esquenazi

Born in Bogota, Colombia, founder and current CEO of Sirenas Marine Discovery, Eduardo Esquenazi moved to Florida at 8 years old. As a surfer, scientist and cancer survivor, Ed leads a inspirational lifestyle allowing him to influence our community by being totally obsessed with the sea.

Marine organisms, having evolved over billions of years in highly complex, unique and competitive environments, rely on very potent, complicated bioactive metabolites to communicate, compete and deter predation. Ed’s groundbreaking work within the world of Western medicine and cancer research follows the belief that these marine organisms are the ideal raw material to inspire new advances in small molecule therapeutics for the most complex diseases.

We at Korduroy believe that sometimes Western medicine is the best way to go, but you should know that there are many other treatments to cancer that are illegal in the US yet have proven highly effective. Check out an article about these alternative cures on our blog: http://korduroy.tv/2014/american-cancer/.

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Producer Reis Paluso
Camera/Edit Cliff Kapono
Additional Footage Jensen Sik
Music "ED" by Cliff Kapono