Jay Nelson

Jay Nelson is basically unstoppable. He doesn’t let chained fences or conventional design methods get in his way and he makes art that consistently surprises us. He says art is the first thing he was really good at, and working with his hands was always something he wanted to do. Nelson started shaping boards in high school and then transitioned to shaping camper vehicles, tree houses and other artistic but useful pieces of beauty.

In this first episode of our newest series, Local Legendz, Jay shows sketches of designs, walks us through his neighborhood (the Sunset in San Francisco) and tells us a bit about the friends who inspire him along the way. For more of Jay’s work, visit http://jaynelsonart.com and follow him on Instagram @jay.

This video was made possible by Leatherman – http://www.leatherman.com


Local Legendz is an exploration between Korduroy and Leatherman Sport into communities around the world through the guidance of deeply connected individuals who are quietly changing the world from their backyards through hard-work, innovation, craftsmanship and creativity. Through their commitment to this community, this person has gained breadth of wisdom and knowledge which they use in guiding us to a better understanding of place and self, much like the legend on a map.

Is there someone of ‘legend’ status in your hood? We’d love to know! Submit their photo and a description to http://local-legendz.tumblr.com/submit or #local_legendz on Instagram and Twitter. For the next 8 weeks, we will be giving away a limited-edition Leatherman tool to the best submission of the week!

Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera Cyrus Sutton, James Campbell, Reis Paluso
Edit Chris Olivas
Music "Baja-ha" by the Mandelas