Peter St. Pierre

Surfing is more commonly considered a selfish act than a communal one. But in the craft of making surfboards, working together is a necessity. While shapers often work alone, the glassing process lends itself to people working in unison.

Moonlight Glassing was founded in 1979 by Peter St. Pierre and his wife Sally and over the years their small business has risen to international fame. Known for their artistic approach and ultra-fine craftsmanship, Peter’s shop has become not only an integral part of the San Diego surfing community but a cultural leader in the larger surfing world. Learn more about the values and ethics that Peter has cultivated during his decades of surfboard production and how they have made him a happy and successful man and local legend.

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Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera/Edit Chris Olivas
Additional Footage Peter St. Pierre & JP St. Pierre
Music "Cold Piano" by Gabby