Three Mules

It might be hard to imagine a time when people relied on mules to transport themselves and their goods across great distances. It hard to ignore that cars and mass transit have replaced the need for mules, but John C. Sears has had at least one mule at a time for the last 30 years. He currently travels by foot with two mules up and down California, camping in public parks and along interstate trails.

We caught up with him in San Diego, where he had returned after being sited in the Torrey Pines State Reserve for illegal camping in 2012. He was fined $485 and with the help of an attorney working pro-bono, Mr. Sears beat the charges and his journey to refocus the energy of this “megatropolis” into a better, more balanced community was able to continue. His travels serve as a reminder to take only what we need, and always try to work in harmony with the natural world. You can read more about John C. Sears and his mules at

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Producer Cyrus Sutton
Camera Cyrus Sutton
Edit Chris Olivas
Music "Take Two" by Jay Reilly