Chicken Petter

It’s no secret that East Coast surfers have experienced some serious adversity this past year. But Brian Wengrofsky and twelve creative friends show that stoke always shines through in this heartwarming clip about a foam blank, a jigsaw, a hand saw, a rasp and 13 industrious bros who create a board from found and donated materials in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Shot entirely on GoPro.


Ant the Barber
Jamie Rocklage
Aaron Frank
Albert Shelton
Max Galyon
Shakey Jake
Micah Bedrosian
Brian Wengrofsky
Matty McDermott
Cousin Jer
Mad Mike
Bill Brown
Mike Budzinski


Campfire guitar by Matty McDermott

Camera/Edit Brian Wengrofsky
Additional Footage Micah Bedrosian, Ant the Barber, Cousin Jer, Sean Greathead, Aaron Frank, Bil Brown, & Kris Chatterson
Music "One Piece at a Time" performed by Johnny Cash
Music Campfire Guitar by Matty McDermott