“Homeland” is a short film about the Basque culture and its language driven by Etxepare Basque Institute and Surfilmfestibal, directed by Cyrus Sutton.

Divided between the borders of France and Spain, the Basque Country is home to amazing natural beauty and rich culture. The Basques are believed to be the first to trade with Native Americans and circumnavigate the globe. Their language is the oldest living non-Latin/Germanic in Western Europe.

Today, amazing waves, stunning cliffs and rolling green hills surround ancient family homesteads. Industrial ports line cities and towns with dense, thriving streets. However in the past decade, the Basque-land, like much of Europe, has endured shifting economic forces which threaten their ancient ways of life…

Supported by:
Patagonia & Campy Camper

In Collaboration with:

Director Cyrus Sutton
Camera James Campbell
Edit Chris Olivas
Music Unai Azkune
Narration Haritz Lete
Still Photos Iker Basterretxea "Roke", Marc Gasso, Greg Rabejac