Tom Wegener – A Deeper Shade of Blue

Legendary filmmaker, Jack McCoy, shared this special webisode with us from his upcoming film, A Deeper Shade of Blue, featuring surfboard shaper Tom Wegener. In this short clip, Jack follows Tom around his shaping room in Australia and finds out a bit more about why Tom is so excited about his “toothpick,” an extremely long, finless surf craft, which Tom claims to be “fast, maneuverable, and light.” You be the judge.

Jack’s award-winning film, A Deeper Shade of Blue, is considered the biggest film of his career, which includes some of surfing’s classics such as Occy the Occumentary and Blue Horizon. By combining innovative cinematography techniques with a unique narrative structure, to uncover and encapsulate the history and culture of surfing like never before. Not a ‘surf movie’ but a film about the art’s deepest roots, it tells the story of surfing as Hawaii’s greatest gift to the world, from its ancient beginnings to a Waikiki tourist attraction, all the way through to today’s $6 billion-a-year global industry.

The film will be premiering at cinemas nationwide on March 28th, so be sure to lock in your tickets. According to Jack, this film was meant for the big screen so be sure not to miss your opportunity to see it at it’s fullest capacity! Get your tickets at!a-deeper-shade-of-blue or visit the film’s website at

Director Jack McCoy