Dial In Your Fins

Fins are perhaps the most overlooked aspect of surf equipment. Sure we call our boards thruster or twinnies, but the conversation then quickly moves to the sexy outline, dimensions, and volume. Fins are an after thought and since an extra pair can set you back nearly $100 bucks, it’s an easy component to your board’s overall performance to forget about. 

However as you will learn in this episode of Surf Sufficient with USA team coach and surfboard designer Sean Mattison, the configuration, rake and surface area of your fins can radically change the character of your board. All of a sudden $100 bucks seems a lot cheaper than buying that extra stick when the waves get more punchy. Plus a good set of fins will usually outlast the life of your average surfboard. So on your next session, take a few sets of fins down to the beach. Getting your board dialed with different performance options will save you car space, money and help you learn more about surfboard hull performance by isolating the fin variable from the equation. 

To learn more about Sean’s boards and fins, check out: www.vonsol.com

Read more about how Sean’s fins got into the hands of Kelly Slater: espn.go.com/action/surfing/blog/_/post/7119037/kelly-slater-fifth-wheel

Camera/Edit James Campbell
Producer Cyrus Sutton