Travel Guide: Matt Whitehead

In this new theme for Surf Sufficient, we will periodically connect with different travelers and share their views on hitting the road.

Matt Whitehead is a laborer from NSW, Australia who left school at 14 and became a plumber. He’s since worked to save enough money then travel the world several times over in a uniquely minimalist style that often includes bicycling long distances. He’s known for having biked from Nova Scotia to Central America, having a penchant for stubbie twin fins, and going on anti-materialist rants over a good beer.

In short he’s one of the best humans we know. Last week, we were lucky enough to have him peddle through the Korduroy headquarters, midway through another continental journey en route to somewhere in Central America. Over a day, he imparted some wisdoms gleaned from miles on the road. Enjoy.

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Camera/Edit James Campbell
Additional Footage Yassine Oulilal
Producer Cyrus Sutton