#showusyourquiver Session 2 Results

With another 200 quivers entered into Session 2 of our #showusyourquiver contest via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email, there is no question that some people have a surfboard problem. With quivers ranging from old to new, big to small, and every sort of fin configuration imaginable, it is no doubt that some can just never have enough. We totally understand. And our call for creativity in sharing a quiver this time around was not let down. We saw some amazing photography and some unique quivers (not just surfboards) including guitars, cameras, skis, snowboards, skateboards and even farm animals.

Our winner and top vote getter for Session 2 is a 30 year old photographer, Maggie Caver, who hails from an unlikely surfing location, Alabama. Her photo not only included a unique quiver of surfboards, ducks, dogs, and her truck but also captured the essence of her lifestyle as a stoked surfer. And our Korduroy Staff Pick went to New Hampshire’s Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladds of the blog The Granite Stoke. These two dudes went off, sharing not only 12 photos of their friends around New Hampshire, but also securing their spot as our top pick by submitting a wonderful video highlighting each of these 12 quivers.

Thanks for all of your entries and votes! Below are the top 4 quivers in order of your favorites collected on our Facebook page + our KTV Staff Pick.

Special Thanks to our Supporters – Reef, Aerial7 and WAX for donating rad prizes to the winners!

#showusyourquiver Session 2 Results

#1: Maggie Caver – Winner of #showusyourquiver Session 2

Maggie lives at the bottom of Alabama on a small island properly named “Pleasure Island” on the Lake of Mexico. Although the area is pretty flat most of the year, Maggie has been known to chase a few hurricanes down in her day.

This 30 year old is a professional family beach photographer (Gulf Shores Photography – http://www.sun-shots.com/). Maggie explains her job as “awesome because I get so much down time during the winter, which coincides with big winter swells. A plus for me. My job is very seasonal, so I get to travel and surf 5 to 6 months out of the year. We have a 32 foot Airstream travel trailer that we restored a few years ago. I am counting down the days until this years trip. Haven’t decided where we are headed this year, but I am hopping for the Outer Banks.

About Maggie’s quiver:

In my photograph, we have my two sheep dogs Bella and Amigo, and my duck Gertrude. The Chevy S10 is Nelly! We restored her too! Bella raised Gertrude, so he acts a little funny, actually just like a dog. He is a good frisbee player, and loves harassing the neighbors cat. It only took one shot to get this picture because my kids are great listeners.

On the car:
9’6″ TDK
9′  TDK
8′ Walden Magic Model Epoxy
7′ 6″ Solid
9′  Hap Jacobs
6′ Solid

In my hand:
5’6″ Surf Tech fish.

My favorite wave is Little Hawaii in Costa Rica. When its chest high and glassy there, even the sea turtles show up in the lineup.

Special thanks to my husband for taking the picture and being my surf partner.

Maggie wins a prize pack from Reef, Aerial 7, and onWAX.com!

#2: Sean Mattison

His quiver consists of a mix of what he am currently doing with my Von Sol Surfboard brand and a number of boards that have some personal history shaped by many of his favorite personalities in the business including Velzy, Frye, Reno and Hynson just to name a few.

About Sean’s Quiver:

“ALL MY BOARDS I RIDE! From wood, carbon, finless, single, twin, tri, quad, four and 1/2 (nubster), Bonzer, and Twinzers. I’m all about riding waves differently. The scary part is that this is not all my boards…haha!!”

Front row (L to R):
5-11 Von Sol Twinzer
5-8 Von Knight
5-10 Von Sol Shadow
5-11 Von Zer
5-11 Von Sol Shadow
5-8 Shadow #1

Row 2:
6-8 Speed Shape
5-8 Hynson /Mattison Black Knight #1
5-7 Von Sol Shadow TEC
5-9 Von Sol Shadow TEC
5-10 Von Sol Hornet
5-9 Von Sol DBD
5-10 Hornet Round pin
5-9 Von Sol Twinzer

Row 3:
5-10 Von Sol Moon Fish
5-7 Pavel/Hynson/Mattison – Hynson HY STING  #1
5-8 Reno Twin Fin- kool unique board he made me
5-9 Hynson Black Knight Quad
5-9 HY 4- #1
5-9 Skip Frye Keel- best fish he ever made me
5-10 Agave HY sting
5-11 Von Sol Time Machine

Row 4:
Von Sol 9-0 Jive Longboard
9-0 Von Sol Galaxy 5 – box
8-0 Simmons balsa twin fin
10-0 Balsa Velzy Hot Curl finless/rider
8-0 Frye speed shape – my best board I ever got from Skip!
7-6 Von Sol Time Machine

Row 5:
10 Chris Simpson Hot Curl
1930s Kook Box original rider
10- Jim Phillips Hot Curl balsa

For his abnormally large quiver, Sean will win REEF and KORDUROY GEAR!

#3: Ray Smith

Scott Smith shot this photo of his father, Ray Smith, in their hometown of Orcutt, CA.

“My pops, Raymond Smith, has been surfing along the central coast of California his entire life, his favorite spot is Refugio, when it gets waves. The boards in his Quiver photo are all the boards he has ever bought, never sold one, he once had a guy paddle up to him in the water at Pismo and offer him $1,000 cash for the 1966 Yater spoon, when he told me I instantly asked him, “Why didn’t you sell it?” His response, “We just got here, what would I have to surf on all day?””

“Pops taught me to surf at Pismo Beach/Refugio when I was around 8 years old. Over the past couple years we have had the chance to do some traveling. I left for 7 months to explore overseas, he ended up meeting me in Bali and we surfed the famous Ulu Watu together (see the attached photo). One great thing about being a visual artist is you get to document and experiment with the way your own life looks, even if you don’t get a bunch of “likes” you still get the satisfaction of creating and producing pieces of meaning, with those that matter most.”

Ray’s Quiver (Lower L to R then bottom to top):
2010 7’6″ Andreini hull
1986 blue Yater trifin
1983 6’9″ red Yater trifin
1979 7’9″ single fin Yater
2006 9′ modern Yater spoon
1966 9’8″ Yater spoon
1969 7’11” Yater pocket rocket, broken one
1971 6’11” salmon colored personal shaped and glassed single fin

#4: Lachy McMackin

Lachy hails from Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia). This 17 year old is in his last year of school and began surfing at the ripe age of 8. In those 9 years, he has already amassed quite a quiver. This photo was taken in his backyard with the help of a friend, Luke Robards (who makes handplanes to sell to stoked locals – https://www.facebook.com/pages/LHD-lukes-handplane-designs/278141255568193).


The two longboards on the left and the brown/white one toward the top right are all Beachbeat Pacers… all suiting different waves and conditions.

The third from the left was given to my dad who fixed it (snapped nose). It was made during the shortboard revolution and features a massive round hull bottom. No dimensions… Dad insists it was one of Bob McTavish’s experimental boards because of this.

The green longboard is Luke’s ‘Sanctum’ mal. In recent days it has taken flight from the roof of his car (at 80km/h) because of a lack of straps holding it down…

All handplanes and the paipo are shaped by Luke as demos to be later sold…

The red/white finless at the bottom is a Wegener/Global Surf Industries ‘Seaglass’ which rips on the local point breaks.

The three shortboards (red, blue, white) in the centre are Luke’s; an old red Thomas Bexon twin fin, blue single fin, and old DHD shorty.

The old lookin’ 70’s single fin near the middle is another given to my Dad to fix up. Rides the pocket like a wallet (funny).

The big old longboard under the 70s single is my Dad’s first mal. Its a ‘Ron’ from back in the day, featuring a massive displacement hull.

The blue longboard on the top right is a Donald Takayama ‘Model T’. Prime noserider which I can’t even put my arm around.

Every other board is made by myself and Dad:

Single fin (top middle/right). My favorite board under 9′, makes me feel like Al Knost.

Orange twin fin (right). Snapped mal transformed into a 4’1″ square, inspired by Chris Del Moro’s ‘Speed Square’ by Bing Surfboards.

Green twin fin (right). Dad’s favorite for the bigger swells, Mini Simmons shape. Super fast.

Red/white round nose shorty (down). 6’8″ three fins, fun beach break board, fast take off, easy to manoeuvre.

White single fin (bottom). An earlier creation. Awesome top-to-bottom stuff. Riding the pocket with a huge Greenough fin.

Alaia (bottom right). Paulownia construction, fast and finless… as expressed by Tom Wegener.

Not pictured is 2 SUPs, several shortboards, kitesurfing gear and 3 more home creations since this photo was taken…

SHOUT OUT to Luke Robards for keepin’ the stoke alive and Mum and Dad for teaching me to surf and helping to build our backyard shaping bay…

Korduroy Staff Pick: Dylan Ladds & Ryan Scura

These two stoked guys are filmmakers from Concord, NH. For the past year, they’ve been working on The Granite Stoke, a documentary about New Hampshire surfers.

One day, they saw a post on their Facebook Wall from Korduroy.TV that said “#showusyourquiver – let’s see what New Hampshire has?!” An irresistible challenge. And thus came the Granite Quiver – a short film highlighting some of the fantastic quivers from the Granite State.

The video allowed us to bring all of these people and their quivers into one place. We’ve met a lot of great people through this project, and we were thrilled with how many of them wanted to share their quivers. From the handmade wooden boards of Casey Mullen, to Ed O’Connells heavy old Hansens, we saw it all. Even an acrobatics show from the Nardone family!

Thanks to Todo Bien for a great soundtrack.  www.todobienmusic.com

Ed O’Connell http://www.surfphotonh.com/
The Nardone Family
Mike Sidebottom
Casey Mullen http://www.surf-squared.com/
Skip Brunette
Mark Scura
Ryan Reed
Carl Mahstedt http://goosebaylumber.net/
Ryan Jackson (no photo)
Kevin Grondin
Hannah Vokey http://www.boardriderart.com/
Dylan Ladds
Ryan Scura

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