Slater on a Bar of Soap


I’ve been traveling around Australia for weeks now and have had the privilege of hanging out with many amazing people down here. There is a resourcefulness and hands on approach to life that bleeds into surfing in many areas of the coast, perfectly fitting with the Korduroy ethos. One of the people I’m looking forward to meeting up with next week in Sydney is Steen Barnes. He’s the media ringleader of an underground crew of kneeboarders who are pushing the limits of performance surfing without ever getting to their feet. Steen emailed me these photos he took of Kelly Slater surfing his local break on a Tyler Warren “Bar of Soap” style mini simmons board. It’s cool to see someone like Kelly experimenting with different boards amidst the demands of competing on thrusters.  -Cy



For More of Steen’s photographs checkout:

Also be sure to check out Tyler Warren’s blog..

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