Slice of Solitude

It was a last minute decision – an inspired thought to dust off our passions and get back to something truer, something more basic. We gave ourselves a day with no expectations, simply a little slice of time.”


Our friends over at Terasu featured this little escape of Cyrus Sutton and photographer Dylan Gordon up the coast.

“It’s undoubtedly difficult sometimes, to simply jump up and get out of your element. But the open road has a way of re-centering us vagabonds.
Time to think, time to breathe and time to speak your mind on anything and everything is the secret to our road-fairing minds. Cyrus Sutton was the perfect partner in crime for the trip

Cyrus has a particularly peculiar mind. What strikes me about him is how quietly humble he is.
His way of constantly wandering about the next project and the next goal, seeking new ambitions while maintaining old ones, and all the while retaining a certain level of humility would impress, and even overwhelm, most.

Amidst juggling these non-stop onslaughts of industry, projects and personal ambitions, this trip couldn’t have come about at a better time. With fresh air in our lungs, we cranked up the heater, shifted into gear, and hit the road. Music drifted into the background as conversation took over and we set off into the night in search of offshore winds and empty peaks for the taking.”

Head over to to read the rest of the story and see more of the images from their trip!

GORDON_DSC7340-sutton-hz GORDON_DSC9626-sutton-hz GORDON_DSC7821hz GORDON_DSC7448-sutton-hz GORDON_DSC7309-hz GORDON_DSC6917-sutton-hz

 All photos by Dylan Lucas Gordon


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