Sliding Back 2 The Basics

Slide Magazine has recently hit the US market with a unique take on alternative surf craft. With it’s roots as a longboard magazine, Slide has been making a few changes lately and noted that “there’s a cornucopia of board designs that exist between the age-old longboard and the newfangled 6’2″ thruster shortie, and we aim to continue highlighting these surf craft with the same Slide fervor you’re accustomed to.” So no longer strictly a longboarding magazine, Slide aims to showcase the diversity of surfboards and their riders. And they are doing a great job!

A recent article in Slide latest issue feature’s KorduroyTV’s own, Cyrus Sutton, as they take a look down Cy’s path to making his latest film, Tom’s Creation Plantation. The article explains how Cy and Tom Wegener crossed paths and devised the idea to create a DIY tutorial on how to build an alaia to go along with the alaia-riding surf film. The article also investigates the allure behind these simple wooden planks.

Check out the article here or go pick up a copy of Slide Magazine at your nearest surf shop.

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