Slippery Saltwater Chronicles – Thumbnails: Episode Six // Brooks Sterling

Thumbnails: Episode Six // Brooks Sterling. from Slippery Saltwater Chronicles on Vimeo.

Episode Six: Brooks is a lifestyle photographer and art director based out of North County San Diego. Brooks’ photography has a timeless aesthetic that stems from his keen eye and passion for shooting 35mm film. His timeless imagery captures the essence of surfing and skateboarding from a participatory perspective. Brooks’ photography has been published in an array of publications including , Monster Children, Beached Days, Desillusion Magazine, Co11ectif, Surfing Magazine and BL!SSS Magazine.


(Photo by Evan Schell)

Episode Six explores Brooks’ creative process while shooting surf and skate sessions leading up to his most recent collaborative photo show, ROUTINE, at SAID Space. Throughout this newest installment of Thumbnails, Brooks discusses why he chooses to shoot with analog cameras in order to capture meaningful moments on celluloid.

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(Photos by Brooks Sterling)

More about Slippery Saltwater Chronicles and the Thumbnails series:

Thumbnails is a collection of short films that focus on unique individuals, who have established careers based on their creative interests. Each film focuses on a person that I look up to or admire because of the unwavering dedication that they have for their craft. Within an episode, Thumbnails presents a brief history of what led each subject to where they are now, while showcasing a free form exploration into their creative process. Topical events that relate to a subject’s work, including art shows, book releases, photography exhibits, and events within their community, are included in each episode in order to offer viewers tangible experiences that surpass spectatorship and promote participation.

So far Thumbnails has documented the stories of a photographer who specializes in wet plate photography, the founder of a free adventure magazine, a versatile artist that utilizes all sorts of mediums, a scientist that left the Centers For Disease Control to become a world-renowned painter, and an archaeologist that hand crafts surfboards out of agave stalks.

 By, Evan Schell


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