Snail Trail

Artist Philipp Artus melds his skateboard roots and appreciation for surfing in this killer animation, “Snail Trail.”

“I grew up in Bremen, Northern Germany, which is quite close to the sea, yet surfing is rather difficult as we don’t get good swell there. So as a kid, I did a lot of skateboarding on miniramps – which is sort of what the snail is doing in the film. For my art studies, I was looking for a place close to the Atlantic coast – so I moved to Nantes in France, which has some awesome waves about an hour away.”

“I think a fascinating thing about surfing is that you never really know what’s going to happen next and you always have to react to the wave spontaneously. Animating “Snail Trail” was a similar experience, as I had this character reacting to the line – and really, when I started to animate I had no idea where it was going – so it was a very intuitive process. The animation is also a lot about the feeling you get with free flowing motion, and the laser light gives it a natural and energetic feeling, which is what I connect to being close to the sea.” -Philipp Artus

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