Snow Quiver for a Surfer

Wolle Nyvelt is way ahead of his time. As a former “Snowboarder of the Year,” the guy’s skills are undoubtedly extraordinary. But what truly brings him above and beyond the rest of the pack is his creativity and desire to go where no one else has gone. And I’m not talking about helicoptering up to the tallest peak in Alaska to bomb down the mountain, chased by a massive avalanche. I’m talking about Wolle transforming the snowboarding experience into what you and I search for every day in the ocean…glide, flow, and speed.

By exploring the roots of snowboarding, Wolle sees the link to surfing. And with his innovation and further development of the “pow surfer” or “no-board”, he has expanded the capability of experiencing the feeling of surfing on the snow. As you’ll see in this clip, Wolle is hand-making his own boards, discovering ways of approaching the mountain, and building himself a “quiver” unlike any other snowboarder out there. It will certainly be interesting to see where he takes this in the future.

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