Some Thoughts by Nathan Braude

In this installment of ‘Some Thoughts’ we hear from Nathan Braude, a young Kordruoy fan from Ocean City, Maryland. His first timesurfing was at Assateague, a beach that takes a short ten minute drive to get away from the mostly tourist crowd of Ocean City. He is curious and stoked about many things, like shaping surfboards, traveling and anything else creative or fun. Between his parents owning a sub shop and his father’s hobby of woodworking, Nathan grew up using tools and being self relient. Some Thoughts is a written series on KorduroyTV with thoughtful people like you.

I’m only 13, so I don’t have years of experience and wisdom under my belt to talk from, but so far, the work hard way of life is a great one.

I used to want to be like all the pro surfers out there with all their fame, sponsors and big names, but now i’ve realized that the hectic life they live would be terrible. What they do with their skills on a wave is impossible for me to comprehend the possiblility of their impossible skills. But I don’t like that way of life. I hold nothing against them though.

I have never ridden a performance shortboard and I plan on never riding one. I like alternative boards and longboards.

If you work hard for what you love, nothing can compare to that feeling. I hope my passion for surfing gets me living my life the way I want to live it, where I want to live it I really enjoy alot of things right now.

I started shaping my own boards about 2 months ago. My dad’s hobby and passion is woodworking, so I love working with tools and making my own things.

The ocean is what I rely on the most for joy in my life. Not money, or fame, and any of that kind of stuff. I love the ocean and it’s beautiful waves.

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