Some Thoughts by Tom Petriken

In this installment of ‘Some Thoughts’ surfer/writer/VW Bus enthusiast, Tom Petriken, shares a little anecdote about passing on his knowledge and stoke for surfing to youngsters which in turn brings him back to being a kid again.

My Young Padawans

When we’re young the waves can be smaller than a peanut but that doesn’t matter. All we want to do is go surfing. Nothing is going to stand in our way or wipe that goofy smile off our faces. As we progress and surf waves of higher quality and size, we become jaded. We find ourselves skipping sessions out in minuscule surf because it’s no longer challenging. Small waves become dull and that once smiling kid fades away to a spoiled brat who only wants to go surfing when it’s “good”.

Last weekend I started teaching surf lessons for the summer. Some of the students are as young as six. Passing my knowledge down to another generation makes me feel like Obi Wan Kenobi. Instead of light sabers we have surfboards. I guess that makes them my little Luke Skywalkers? Watching my young jedis catch their first waves makes me realize how fun surfing really is. Their joy and excitement is contagious. Memories that were long forgotten are rekindled. These moments make you feel like a kid again. 

Photo: Mike Incitti

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