Some Thoughts by Steve Stubbsfield of North Pacific String Band

Steve Stubbsfield is a musician whose music we dig at Korduroy. Here are “Some Thoughts” from the man who’s attempting to form a unique collaboration up in Santa Cruz. Some Thoughts is a written series on KorduroyTV with thoughtful people like you.

I am blessed to be surrounded by an inspiring community of musicians, artists, craftsmen and, in Melville’s words, deep divers. Those people, combined with the places that I love, define the good life for me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these people on independent creative work. It enables us to share our collective narrative with larger audiences through platforms like the internet.

Coming out of school into a tumultuous economy, I’ve decided that I need to grab on to what I believe in and not let go. I think the most important thing in life is not to be financially wealthy, but to be wealthy in stoke. My goal is to keep developing my own work, particularly in collaboration with my creative community. I just graduated from UCSC and I’m looking forward to replacing the college time by continuing to work as a musician and organizer, and developing the start-up website which is a hub promoting like-minded bands in this area.

With a Bachelors in Humanities, I am headed into uncharted territory as far as job security. I do odd-job landscaping to connect the dots to pursuit my passions and continuing to document our work and share it with larger communities. To connect with more and more great people, including you all over at KTV and all other people who value a shared human experience.

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