Spotlight: Ryan Tatar


Ryan Tatar is an American photographer based in San Francisco, California. He grew up in the great lake state of Michigan, in the heartland of the America. Family summer trips to the mountains or the sea inspired him to one day live by the ocean. Eventually moving to the east coast and then to California, surf culture and the open road has since inspired his life and is his principal subject matter.

You can find Ryan’s work at or on Instagram, @ryantatar

In his new feature in Refueled One, a photo book series where Ryan is featured, consists of all film photography – documenting a re-emerging counter culture in surfing and the deserts of the American West. The work contains a variety of techniques from psychedelic infused colors from cross processed slide film, to exposing 35mm negatives onto Polaroid film, shooting Mavericks with a 1960s era Polaroid Land Camera, Nikonos exposures, and Tatar’s latest work with a Leica M6 on the dusty trails of the High Sierra and Mojave desert – seeking solitude and lost swimming holes.



This special Refueled series is ONE single subject, photographer, craftsman or artist. A modern take on the printed paraphernalia of publisher Chris Brown’s youth. The faded pages and colors of LIFE magazine. The satirical tone of MAD magazine. The low-fi quality of comics. The rebellious feel of the 60’s and early 70’s. The size of vintage scout manuals and Stuckey’s road trip souvenir activity books.


Chris Brown came of age in the “cultural decade” of the Sixties. The influences from that period—the music, the style, the art and media—all play a large role in his work, whether as an artist, publisher of the lifestyle magazine Refueled and RF Book Co., designer for clothing brand Refueled Heritage Co., or owner of the multi-disciplinary Refueled Creative Agency.

Brown has spoken about design and indie publishing through prestigious events such as TEDx and HOW Design Live. He appears in the Netflix exclusive documentary “Making of the American Man”, and contributed to the book “Men and Style; Essays, Interviews and Considerations” by David Coggins.




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