Spotlight on Tatsuo Takei

Tatsuo Takei, a photographer and cinematographer born in Osaka, Japan, but relocated to California for many years, photographing classic California longboard style. As an analog photographer Tatsuo has made a unique name for himself creating a timeless style that defines his work.

Since 1997, he has created a living working as a surf photographer and has gotten into filmmaking the past few years.

Tatsuo Takei – InnerViews


Tatsuo is known for his book published in 2018, Authentic Wave, which you can buy HERE featuring his iconic black and white photography and analog style. He has appeared on the Korduroy blog before, in this video: Tatsuo Takei (2012).

Here are some more frame grabs from an edit posted to the blog by Tatsuo Takei of River Covey surfing, click here to watch it. Tatsuo has started to create original content that you can find under his name for the ‘NobodySurf’ app on the App Store.


Tatsuo’s latest project is an all 16mm surf film, here are his accounts: website and insta – to see more of his amazing work!


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