Stillbirth & Surfing

Surfing can provide different things for a person at different times in one’s life. For some it is an escape. An escape into your mind, from the outside factors of life. Its just you and the ocean. For others it provides relief. A good day’s exercise can relieve a surfer from stress or other emotions stockpiled inside. Or it can just be a way to have fun.

Nonetheless, we all use surfing for some reason or another. Whether physical, mental, spiritual, the power that the ocean holds is unlike any other. Our good friend Nathan Oldfield tells his story in this heartfelt clip while grieving for his daughter, Willow, who was stillborn. Through this journey, Nathan provides us with yet another way one can use surfing. For grieving. As he mends his broken heart, Nathan utilizes the power of the ocean and his friends as he is able to express his loss.

Our hearts are with you Nathan.

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