Stoked and Broke: South America

Last year, Bernardo Sodre and Ze Tepedino were approached by a Brazilian TV channel to make a show inspired by Cyrus’ movie Stoked and Broke. The assignment was to travel from Rio de Janiero, Brazil, to Montevideo, Uruguay, where they would set up their rickshaws and jump on their skateboards to cross the entire country of Uruguay and return to their home in the south of Brazil–Chui. 

They packed up their short boards, longboards, and alaias and gathered up plans to reconstruct the rickshaw from Uruguay.  

Shortly after getting on the road, the duo took a quick skate stop outside of Montevideo. Not long into the session, Tepedino fell in a bowl and broke his wrist–so Stoked and Broke became Stoked and Broken. It was a set back, for sure, since surfing was now out of the question for him, but his hand was free enough to keep hold of his rickshaw and his legs were still plenty strong enough to skate. They ventured onward.

Just like Cy and Ryan’s tour de broke down the coast of California, Sodre and Tepedino surfed great waves (well, Sodre, anyway), met interesting people and shared stoke at every turn. Their trip culminated in a series of 10 videos, and you can see the first few here: Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, the videos are fun to watch because the music is excellent, the course of their trip is clear, and the scenery is beautiful. 

Scroll down for some stills from their trip and be sure to let us know about all of your Stoked and Broke adventures! 

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