Stuff We Like: Hitcase

By Reis Paluso

As I packed for a recent trip to the Mentawais, I realized I was bringing quite a lot of electronic equipment–more than I had on any trip. My pack included a Canon 7D, a couple lenses, a GoPro Hero3, myriad accessories and my newest contraption, a Hitcase Pro for my iPhone 5. It at first seemed a bit out of control, especially given that Indonesia is a third-world country. I’m not sure if I was just geeking out on heading to such a surf mecca, or if I’ve really become irrevocably immersed in all these new technologies that fuel my creative pursuits. Either way, I couldn’t leave any of it behind. 

As an ideal surf trip goes, the waves were non-stop and I simply wanted to surf as much as possible, so most of my gear never made it out of the bag. However, in a world overly obsessed with up-to-the-second photo updates…cue Instagram…and now video updates…cue Vine…and Instagram…the Hitcase saw a majority of my attention during this two-week excursion. Here’s why:

1. It’s waterproof and shock absorbing! 

From checking emails, social networks, browsing the web, and much more, our phone is the one device that goes with us everywhere, and I imagine most of us want to protect that little super-computer at all costs. With three simple snapping locks, the iPhone easily fits into the Hitcase in a matter of seconds, turning into a durable, waterproof (up to 33 feet or 10 meters) dream device. In addition to the added protection against the elements (i.e. waves splashing over the boat, torrential rain, and even the occasional trip into the lineup), my phone’s capabilities were expanded because I now felt comfortable taking it literally anywhere. Actually, I never again thought about whether my phone was safe or not. 

2. You get a whole new view

With a wide angle lens attachment, the Hitcase takes your field of view to 170 degrees, allowing every photo/video to see that much more of your surroundings. If you are opposed to having the fish-eye distortion, then this might not be the best bet because as of now, the lens is fixed. If Hitcase were to make interchangeable lenses, they’d have the ultimate case.

3. It’s a great companion to your GoPro

With the advent of WiFi connection on the GoPro, the Hitcase provides a couple of ways to complement the Hero 3. By having your phone protected from the elements, you can connect it to your GoPro, using it as your viewfinder to set up the amazing angle that will blow minds in your next edit. If you need more of an excuse, the Hitcase is compatible to all GoPro accessories. So hook it to your pole mount, helmut, or even your board.

In addition, Hitcase does make a few of their own accessories and attachments, built by RAM Mounts, which are not only rugged but also marine-grade, ensuring substantial durability. 

4. There’s an app for that

And not to be forgotten is Hitcase’s free app, Vidometer, where you can capture HD video and overlay all sorts of cool meta-data such as your speed, altitude, G-forces, compass and longitude/latitude. Certainly would be cool to know your speed while traveling through the tube, right?

So, is it worth the buy?

If you are looking to extend the capabilities and durability of your already amazing iPhone, then yes. With a Hitcase, your iPhone can be the one device that you can use for everything, even your GoPro. Had I known, I would have kept it simple and left the rest at home. 

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