Sunscreen Chemicals Found in NZ wells

Traces of organic contaminants - among them chemicals used to make plastics and sunscreens - have been found in two-thirds of New Zealand's wells. Photo / NZME

Photo via NZ Herald

Recent findings in New Zealand’s well water have shown that chemicals to make sunscreen and plastics, have been found in over 70% of 135 wells (on behalf of 12 regional counties of 39 counties located in all of NZ). Many of us view the country of New Zealand as one of the least polluted in the world. The proliferation of chemical sunscreens over the past 50 years is spreading far and wide, as the United States is not the only country to have laws and research regarding skincare gone requited by our own FDA.

These chemicals have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption and male sexual dysfunction. Like pesticides and other industrial pollutants, they have been found in our aquifers, drinking water and in 97% of Americans.

This latest report show how truly far reaching this problem is.


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