Sunset Sessions Summer Lookbook

A couple months ago, Amanda Cooper from The Sunset Sessions gave us a breakdown of how to make a vintage leather cuff (which she sells in her online store). While she handmakes the cuffs and other accessories, her store is primarily a haven for vintage thrifters who’ve taken their crate digging to the interwebs. 

She got back in touch to share her summer lookbook, featuring Santa Cruz longboarders Farrah Kemp and Kyra Joseph. Cooper says she chose these ladies instead of models because she “wanted to feature real, authentic core women longboarders who ride classic longboards to accurately represent the style of classic fashion swimwear and photography.” 

Check out some of the pieces here, and see the rest at 


Wardrobe/Styling: The Sunset Sessions //

Art Direction/Photography: Amanda N. Cooper //

Assistant/Production: Ocellus Photography

Make Up & Hair: The Sunset Sessions

Models: Farrah (Kemp) & Kyra (Joseph)

Location: Central California Coast/Santa Cruz county

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