The Super Salmon // Stop the Sustina River DAM!

With the North Pacific lighting up, rain and snow are once again blanketing our mountains and forests. As winter tightens it’s grasp,  our rivers fill, lagoons flood, and rivermouths begin to turn on. As we sit in murky water, you can be sure salmon are swimming by. They’re on their way upstream, beyond the surf and fog, embarking on their final adventure into the mountains.

Alaska’s Susitna River is one of the world’s biggest and healthiest wild salmon watersheds. A controversial government plan aims to tap its hydroelectric potential via a $6b, 735′ concrete dam. As part of studies done in advance, scientists radio-tagged a king salmon that made an unbelievable journey.

To Stop This Dam and learn more about what’s at stake, visit the Sustina River Coalition and take action!

Short film coming January, 2016.

The Super Salmon – TRAILER from Ryan Peterson on Vimeo.

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