Reef is the exotic surf brand enabling your journey of discovery…since 1984. Our purpose is to provide premium, comfortable, and innovative products in a sustainable manner. We are guided by the sea.

At Leatherman, we're a group of fixers, outdoor enthusiasts, former service members, adventure seekers and just plain doers. Our mission is to inspire and prepare Leatherman owners for the expected - and unexpected - that inevitably will come their way. Every multi-tool and knife we ship out the door is crafted by one of the 700 Oregonians who call Leatherman a great place to work, and we stand behind our products with a no-questions-asked 25 year warranty.

We make the World's Most Versatile Camera. Wear it. Mount it. Love it.

Axxe Wetsuits manufactures handcrafted, custom-fitted wetsuits straight from our factory in Japan. The suits are made from innovative and proprietary materials, balancing the unparalleled suppleness of the rubber and linings with high performance and functionality. This means more warmth and less paddle restriction. Thirty-five years of handcrafted mastery and rigorous testing have led to these optimum performance suits. Axxe Wetsuits thrives to ensure the ultimate wetsuit experience.

Tropi Treats Dried Pineapple Bites are a delicious, healthy snack that bring the Tropics home to you. Whether you're snacking at home, or backpacking through the Sierra Nevada mountains, this wholesome treat satisfies your cravings while revitalizing your body with it's many health benefits. 100% natural. No sugar or sulfur added. Gluten free, soy free, lactose free, fat free, vegan. All natural energy.