Web Surfing: Feb. 23-March 1

We got so inspired by the Blackbird Groms in latest episode of Inner-Views this week, that we had to dedicate this video round-up to other groms ripping around the world. Here are just a few: 

These groms are charging waves like their lives depend on it. The amazing thing is they’re catching solid pipes through crowded lineups and managing not to end up knocking each other’s teeth out. Sharing is caring kids. 

Good Morning Miyazaki is a befitting name as DBFilms’ debut surf film and a premier exposé of Japan’s famous surf spot. Exploring the waves, history, surfers, and diverse characters of its community, Good Morning Miyazaki looks to be refreshing and light-hearted narrative of top-notch Japanese surfing. Check out the upcoming film’s website to catch a glimpse of photos, bios, and behind-the-scenes videos and clips.

This video came to us from the 15-year-old filmmaker and we appreciate the GoPro experimentation. Although we wish there were more shots of the mates frolicking around in the water, these water shots have some potential. Luckily for all the young filmmakers out there, we’ve got a “Shooting Water” episode coming up soon from our Surf Sufficient series. So check back for that soon. 

Matty King | ON THE RUN from Dane Singleton on Vimeo.

Here’s a fun slo-mo run-through of Australia’s most recent junior champ, Matty King, slicing fearlessly across an impressive slab. This guy is a force to be reckoned with. So don’t confuse this 17-year-old South Coast native with the 30-year-old SoCal native of the same name.

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