Web Surfing: March 2-8

This week’s video round-up takes us to Venezuela, Bali, West Oz, somewhere else in Australia and a super secret tundra location where everyone must jump. Enjoy!

Colin Sanders 2013 Trailer

If you could synthesize a video clip to the full-fledged adrenaline rush and mixed tempo of surfing, this one comes close. Venezuelan surfers Colin Saunders, Francisco “LOLO” Bellorin and others are part of a video project to be released this summer by Simon Bez. This first cut of the upcoming film was shot mostly in Los Roques and la Isla de Margarita, an archipelago and island, respectively, off Venezuela’s coast. We’re hyped on the video and the music: “Nth°” by OVERWERK. Thanks to @BezSimon for sharing this one!

Ellis Ericson | Bali

The music in a surf video can really make or break things. The song in this one couldn’t be more perfect for RVCA rider Ellis Ericson’s smooth glides and subtle hip shakes. Please do tell us what’s on your mind, Mr. Ericson. 

Summer Breeze

SUMMER BREEZE from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.

We in the Northern Hemisphere may be in the dead of winter, but there’s a nice “Summer Breeze” blowing Down Under. Taj Burrow shows us he’s still got it in some pretty barrels in West Oz. A great edit by Tom Jennings, and an energetic track by Justice.

Sea Stories: Johnny Abegg

Everyone’s got a sea story–this is Johnny Abegg’s. He rides a hot pink board and believes in the “the beautiful cleansing environment of the ocean” above most other things. Fun fact: Mike McCarthy, who lends a wonderfully soothing folk touch to this clip, did the soundtrack for Stoked and Broke

Insane Canyon Rope Swing

Here’s a video of behind the scenes footage of a group searching for a different kind of stoke – the kind that comes from jumping off a cliff and falling into a canyon. They call it a rope swing and they’ve travelled to some undisclosed secret location to get footage with handheld cameras and flying robots. Be sure to stay long enough for the twist at the end.

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