Web Surfing: March 9-14

The first three of today’s six videos take us back to our roots by taking us inside the minds and workshops of some stellar shapers. The next three are more classic surf films with sessions in California, Hawaii and Nova Scotia. 

Building Surfboards in the Netherlands

This video came to us from Tim Mizee who is a surfer in the Netherlands. He tells us that there is a big surf community in Holland, despite the fact that the waves are “nothing like what countries like the US, Indo or Oz are getting.” He made this video fo shaper Jullian van Vilet–one of the few shapers in Holland and the first to give other people the opportunity to build their own boards. This video introduces us to Jullian and the Dutch surf spirit. Aloha to you!

Gary Hanel / Weird Science

A classic shaper shot on classic film: This video (super 8 film) documents the fastidious creation and fun results of a 5’4″ Pillzner by veteran shaper, Gary Hanel. Shaping it, surfing it, and filming it… All in a sunny day’s work by Hanel, Ford Archbold and Jack Coleman.

Hillman SUP Paddles

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, stand up paddleboards have opened up to ocean-goers otherwise inaccessible or surf-deplete coastlines. And shapers of any water sport allegiance can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship behind well-made paddles like those of Dutch surfer and carpenter, Hilman. Building SUP paddles using hollow wood shaft construction, Hilman is able to combine his love for woodworking and the ocean.

Auras Form

Here’s a teaser from Michael Kew’s full-length surf flick, coming mid-2013. If the movie’s even half as much fun as Travers Adler is having in this clip, the film is sure to be a good one.

Hawaiian Gold

We featured this crew in the groms edition of Surf Around the World Wide Web a couple weeks back but this super cool old school footage couldn’t be passed up. Welcome to Hawaii in the 1970s. 

Make Winter Your Beach

This video came to us from Nova Scotian surfer Harrison Newman Jardine who explains “while there is no doubt Nova Scotia offers world-class surf, the few maritimers who do surf it’s rugged coastline have become accustomed to its unpredictable conditions.” This short, caught during a swell in early February, shows how offshore winds can make a good day get choppy and dangerous in minutes.  

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