Web Surfing: Feb. 7-15

Great surf videos pop up all over the web everyday and our job is to find them. We’re always on the lookout for short films that capture all aspects of surfing with interesting, unique or just undeniably good camera work with a solid soundtrack. Here’s our rundown of the ones we were vibing on this week.

Excuse the Roach

Harrison Roach noserides with the best of them. In this clip, filmed and edited by Andrew Gough, he takes his fancy footwork out on for a ride on the single fin longboard he worked with Thomas Bexton and Deus Ex Machina to develop. 


A new video from young Aussie surfer, Noa Deane: Two guys in two days exploring thousands of miles of coastline… and all under the golden desert sun.

A Series of Wiggles, Half Turns and Hip Jives

Watch as Ellis “Sausage” Ericson, Creed McTaggert, Jason “Salsa” Salisbury, Alex Knost, and Jack Coleman make moves on some unsuspecting breaks. Face-plants, wipeouts, bottom turns, cutbacks, jumps and jives – these guys have such style, they put even the Wiggles to shame.


Spotted: Justin Adams, elusive shaper and surfer from south Orange County, shredding at Salt Creek. He makes even the scrap waves look appealing to ride.  

Travers Alber and Demi Boelsterli

Mollusk Surf Shop brings us this clip of Travers Adler and Demi Boelsterli heading out on a gray November day in Santa Barbara. Even though the sun isn’t shining, it’s clear these guys are having a damn good time. 

Got one we missed? Submit it through Tumblr. You can also connect with us by dropping us a line in the comments section here, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or info korduroy dot tv. 

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