Surf Craft at Mingei

San Diego is home to a surf museum, but this summer, surf craft has taken over another museum in the heart of our beloved Balboa Park (that’s where our largest museum institutions live). The Mingei International Museum, a two-story gallery who’s mission is to showcase folk art, craft and design from outside of the traditional art world, will house Surf Craft until January 11, 2015. Curated by San Diego shaper Richard Kenvin, the exhibit spans surf craft from the the humble beginnings in Hawaii to the wacky innovations happening right here in our hometown. It may be more fun to ride them, but it’s pretty cool to see boards of all shapes and sizes hanging in a museum like you’d see a Picasso painting or a Chihuly blown glass bowl.

surf craft at mingei

You’ll see Ryan Burch’s name and board designs alongside information about his mentor Carl Ekstrom throughout the show. There’s also plenty of info about Bob Simmons and the evolution of surf as we know it. While you likely already know everything that’s pasted onto the gallery walls, a quick walk through the show will have you rushing to the beach or the shaping bay, inspired. The museum is hosting a variety of surf-related gallery talks on Thursdays through the month of August. Check for details. 

*Photo from Show Us Your Quiver [LINK

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