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SALT SURF, a Brooklyn-based surfboard company, is hoping to start producing a magazine called WAYFARER “to create a publication that focuses more on the experience of surfing, and less on performance.” 

Nabil Samadani, SALT SURF owner and magazine idea creator explains: “We believe that surfing is made up of a collection of experiences, in and out of the water, and that these experiences should be reflected in what we see and read about surfing.”

We touched on this idea, the one where people believe surfing is a composite of what happens on and off the waves, a while back when we brought you an interview with Mindfulrider. Now that we know people on the East Coast are interested in this “surfing lifestyle” too, we’re going to consider it a trend. Not that we have any problem with trends, it’s just fun to point out how ideas are connected. It makes us wonder, has surfing always been a whole-life endeavor? Is it only now that the internet makes us all feel so close, that we’re realizing everyone wants to know more about what happens when surfers get out of the water? Is it a problem that surfing tried to become an industry by introducing competition?

If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them in the comments. In the meantime, learn more about WAYFARER, and if you like what they’re trying to do, consider making a donation to get one of the first copies ever made:

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