Surfboards That Wont Poison Our Planet

Surfing. It’s something we do to escape, tap into a swells that have traveled half way around the globe for us to ride, and to experience an oceanscape that offers us our best, more transformative moments. The reality that the consumer industry that supports our surfing adventures and lifestyle is fueled by products, surfboards and materials that are often the antithesis of eco-friendly should stop us in our tracks. And while this ugly reality is apparent, there are few companies, shapers, riders and brands willing to stomach the extra costs needed to shift the paradigm and offer products that won’t poison our planet.


Across the world, over 400,000 surfboards are created each year. A majority of these surfboards are made with highly toxic, non-reusable materials that end up in landfills and natural waterways. Join Hawaiian surfer/scientist Cliff Kapono on a journey of enlightenment in hopes of discovering how we surfers can minimize our harmful impact on the planet.

Surf Wasted from cliff kapono on Vimeo.

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