Surfing for Change: Travel Guide to Nicaragua

Kyle Thiermann a pro surfer and agent of change. A while back, he started a web series called Surfing for Change and we’ve been following his efforts for the past few years. In this latest episode, he challenges us to think a little differently about the places we travel to surf. 

He explains that surfers are always looking for undiscovered territories, and a lot of times that takes us to third world countries. There’s a natural dichotomy here, because we usually think tourism dollars in small towns is a good thing, but it turns out that most underdeveloped countries, once discovered as tourism “hot spots” follow a similar path of economic over-development and eventual decline. In this episode he takes us to Nicaragua to introduce us to the crew that created Project Wave of Optimism in Playa Gigante, which is working to engage the community in all aspects of economic development with the hopes that they can break this particular cycle. 

And ultimately, Kyle reminds us that we all have a responsibility to make good, thoughtful decisions when travelling.

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